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This new section offers a list of links for art supplies. We at the Fire Arts Center try to work with as many local establishments as we can to help promote small businesses in the Chicago area. It isn't always easy when you need a particular type of mold release or some other difficult-to-find material, but we will try to keep adding local companies that offer items that we feel might help our students or even those not involved with the Fire Arts Center.

If you own or know of a local business that you think local artists could benefit from (hopefully with a website, but we will try to accomodate those without), let us know. Email your link and a brief description of the site to Fire Arts

Easel Weasels Art Supply is a great source for all of your 2-D art supply needs. They carry a great assortment of art supplies including oil and acrylic paints, watercolor, gouche, pastels, drawing, graphic arts supplies and so much more. Plus, like the Fire Arts Center, they are local. So stop pretending that you have to go to those big art chains to get what you need and start going local. You might even sleep a little better at night...

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